music is my passion

The knowledge of harmony forever improved my life. I’d love to share my passion for music with you! I am in the Middle Georgia area, but can come to you or do in-home lessons.

teaching | accompaniment | performance | music therapy | teaching | composition | vocals


  • Studied piano for 30+ years
  • Classically trained
  • Ability to sightread and improvise
  • Repertoire includes jazz, folk, rock and roll, classical, and traditional hymns
  • Music Therapy (integrates drums, hula hoops, harmonica, storytelling, and laughter)
  • Studied with professors at University of Michigan, University of Denver, Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
  • Experience playing for parties, weddings, holiday events, concerts, churches, choirs, jazz band, and as part of musical collaborations
  • Taught 50+ students at the beginner & intermediate levels – especially at early ages, adult learners, and music students at The University of Denver.

You can find me in the Middle Georgia area for lessons – I’m happy to come to your home, too.

Nancy Finney is a music teacher and piano teacher in Atlanta, Macon, Milledgeville, Lake Oconee areas.